Petmopolitan Pet Food

Petmopolitan Pet Food specializes in fresh super-premium products for the physical and mental health of your dogs and cats. All U.S. sourced and produced.

  • Moist Food: Our core product line is human consumable, chemical-free, pasteurized, fresh-frozen moist food. We offer nine standard blends and numerous short-run specialty blends.  Also served in a dehydrated format - so you have the convenience of dry with the nutrition of moist.
  • Dry Kibble: Four custom blends include Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice, grain-free Salmon & Sweet Potato, Turkey & Sweet Potato
  • Fresh Pet Treats:Nutritionally legitimate fresh treats and oddities – expect the unexpected! Prime #1 Brown Elk Antlers, Fresh ‘Gator, Hormone Free Beef Bones & Hooves, Wild Sow Ears & Feet, Goat Horns, and more!
  • Pet Chef™ Custom Blends: Custom-blended fresh diets for dogs and cats with special nutritional requirements.