Petmopolitan Pet Food

Petmopolitan Pet Food specializes in fresh super-premium products for the physical and mental health of your dogs and cats. All U.S. sourced and produced.

  • Moist Food: Our core product line is human consumable, chemical-free, pasteurized, fresh-frozen moist food. We offer nine standard blends and numerous short-run specialty blends.
  • Dry Kibble: Four custom blends include Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice, grain-free Salmon & Sweet Potato, Turkey & Sweet Potato
  • Fresh Pet Treats:Nutritionally legitimate fresh treats and oddities – expect the unexpected! Prime #1 Brown Elk Antlers, Fresh ‘Gator, Hormone Free Beef Bones & Hooves, Wild Sow Ears & Feet, Goat Horns, and more!
  • Pet Chef™ Custom Blends: Custom-blended fresh diets for dogs and cats with special nutritional requirements.
Answers and advice for happy healthy pets
Pet Chef™ is a custom-blend service offered by Petmopolitan Pet Food. Pet Chef™ is for pets with special dietary requirements - or particular palates.  If you have been told your pet has health issues - allergies, disease, cancer, skin problems, urinary, kidney or bladder issues, or other health situations - and needs to eat certain foods then Pet Chef™ is the solution for your situation. If you want your pet to have its own special blend – named just for your pet – Pet Chef™ is the perfect answer! Many pet health issues can be resolved, or minimized, with appropriate healthy nutrition. Healthy pets eat healthy food.  Would you expect to live a long, healthy, disease-free life if all you ate was canned and dried bagged food?  Of course not.  Neither should you expect your companion animal to be healthy on such a limited diet. All canned and dry pet foods are nutritionally deficient.  Just the rendering process alone compromises the available nutritional value.  The ingredients used – generally not what you would consider eating - are the topic of several pet nutrition books.  The more you learn about processed canned and dry pet food, the less appealing they become. These are the primary reasons Pet Chef™ is available. To custom-craft from fresh, healthy, human-consumable U.S. ingredients a nutritionally balanced diet designed to address your pet’s specific health issues.  It works. How does it work?  We consult with you, your pet and your Vet. We determine your pet’s particular health issues and symptoms.  We create a custom menu of blends that can alleviate symptoms by addressing root causes.  Will it minimize symptoms such as allergies, skin conditions, urinary tract problems,  and a host of other common ailments?  Yes, and it’s done with appropriate healthy nutrition, not synthetic chemicals or additives. You’ll see a positive effect with your pet’s physical and mental condition within a few weeks of starting the Pet Chef™ program.   - Softer shinier coat - Reduced or eliminated itching and dander - Perkier eyes, ears, and tail equals a happier, healthier pet. Every Pet Chef™ diet is custom-crafted so the cost of each pet’s diet is quoted individually. The initial consultation is $250. $100 of this can be applied to your first Pet Chef™ order.  Minimum order is 10 cases. There is 96 ounces of moist food per case in your choice of 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz containers. We offer auto-stock and auto-ship so you only keep on hand the supply you need. We will store and ship as you need. It’s easy to get started. Just click on “Contact Us” – Subject:  Pet Chef. Please include your pet’s name, canine or feline, health issue or condition, as well as your name, address, phone, cell, &  email. Also let us know the best time, day and method to contact you.  We’ll promptly respond.  Your Pet Chef™ diet recommendation is typically complete within 3-5 days.